In Nord Finance, we consider ourselves a forward-looking team, always ready to improve on the user experience based on community feedback and of those leveraging our platform as a launch board into decentralised finance.

We have done major changes in our Savings V2 fundamentally with a new Tier based system approach by complementing long term $NORD holders with highest APY based on their holding.

Also we have allocated part of fees collected from protocol to be redistributed to long term holders and liquidity providers. …

Dear NORD Finance community, it’s been 2 days since the $NORD token was affected by the Chainswap bridge vulnerability.

Nord Finance team working around the clock to ensure all our users and stakeholders are involved in this incident. We respect the NORD Finance community for your patience and support throughout these challenging times. We believe the best foot forward is by being transparent about the issue and implementing a thorough compensation plan to set things right.

More information about the incident can be found at:

Key points to be aware of:

The attacker was able to mint an additional…

Dear NORD Vikings and holders of $NORD, we have completed our preliminary analysis of the @chain_swap hack. We have contacted the @chain_swap team and are in active discussions to determine the best path forward.

Preliminary Analysis of the Hack:

At block 9042300 to 9042306 on @BinanceChain, an attacker took control of the $NORD BSC contract due to a critical vulnerability in the @chain_swap Protocol. Based on our initial analysis, the @chain_swap vulnerability enabled 500,000 $NORD to be minted directly to the attacker’s address from a factory root address (‘0x0000…’).

For context, the BSC version of the $NORD token contract was…

Nord Finance and DeFi

Among the several crypto products that have gained traction in the last year, DeFi has been the most prominent with real world use cases given its potential to become a leading product to challenge the trillion dollar traditional financial sector. At the time of writing, the total market capitalization of the DeFi protocols stands at USD 61.68 billion. Additionally, the total value locked in DeFi contracts has jumped from about USD 1 billion in June 2020 to a massive USD 79 billion as of June 2021 with the numbers only rising each day.

At its very core, Decentralized Finance, or…

Bring out the creative content creator in you with NORD Finance VisualGuide contest!
All you have to do is create an intriguing video on any of the topics, amazing rewards in $NORD tokens for each category! 🤑

General Rules And Steps to Participate:

The participants need to create a YouTube video on any of the following/all categories: ( Each category has separate rewards )

1) Nord Savings V2 on Polygon 💰

2) Nord BSC staking🛠

3) Transfer Nord token between ERC /BEP / polygon with exchanges and wallets 🔑

📝Note: The participants must use each of these hashtags in their submission video:
#NORDSavingsV2 #NORDFinance #NORDVikings $NORD…

Nord Finance is proud to announce that NORD Advisory, one of our product suite, is getting a boost with our latest collaboration with Solidum Capital to help with expanding our services to even more users alongside the implementation of DeFi investment strategies..

Solidum Capital comprises a team of experienced professionals with an extensive background in the traditional asset management industry, private equity, venture capital, and information technology. …

One of the core tenets of blockchain technology is the radical transparency it enforces on systems through decentralized ledger technologies. Anyone can quickly verify information without the need to trust the vested parties in question. Our mission at Nord Finance is to make DeFi accessible to all; we also owe it to our community to render proper accounts regarding our tokenomics. We have previously released our tokenomics before the Nord IDO to reinforce transparency about Nord Finance in its entirety. Today, we aim to continue our efforts of driving transparency with complete disclosure on the internal operations of Nord.

NORD Token distribution chart

Let’s guess, you were probably horrified at the spate of liquidations and crypto market turmoil in May. Well, you weren’t alone. We saw it all happen, but can you guess even further? While the DeFi market was hit with TVL almost halved from its all-time high, we kept true to our mission of building an advanced decentralized financial ecosystem focused on simplifying decentralized finance products for you. Let’s bring you up to speed on some of our major highlights for the volatile month of May in our usual monthly recap.

Product and technology updates

Update on NORD tokenomics

After careful deliberation and factoring all Nord Finance’s stakeholders (team…

We are proud to announce the NORD Saving V2 beta testing program on Polygon. For those who will participate in this program, we have curated a tier-based saving program to help with the best user experience and attractive incentive as we onboard them to be the first set of users on Polygon through Nord Finance’s frontend.

We are excited at the opportunities the beta testing program on Polygon will further bring to our community, especially with the pedigree of Polygon as a Layer 2 already marshalling more than 6 million transactions per day with over $6.8B TVL in less than…

Decentralized Finance is still evolving as an ironclad use case of blockchain technology. And as a constantly changing landscape, the threats targeting this sector are also continually evolving. To ensure DeFi continues to grow unabated, stakeholders must imbibe a continuous security approach to mitigate the threats of malicious actors within the space. Against this backdrop, Nord Finance constantly reviews its security architecture by employing the industry’s top security service to review and update our tech stack anywhere possible.

Earlier in the year, we announced how we are teaming up with Zokyo, a leading blockchain security and code audit firm, and…

Nord Finance

An Advanced Decentralized Finance Ecosystem

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