$2500 Prize Pool | norDL Genesis Investor Waitlist is live now!

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2 min readDec 9, 2022

The norDL platform preview is live now! We hope you’ve checked it. Our platform is in the final stage of testing. We’re going to make the norDL live this month. While we make the platform ready for the launch, we would like you to start reserving your seat to try out our platform.

We’re excited to launch the norDL Genesis Investor Waitlist. The waitlist’s sole purpose is to reward the first set of investors and users for investing with us and giving us feedback to make our platform better for them.

We have attractive rewards for people who join the platform waitlist.

$2500 norDL Genesis Investor Prize Pool:

norDL Genesis Investor Prize Pool is for the investors who start investing with us after the launch of the platform. We believe the first set of investors are precious and they can give us really helpful feedback to make our platform better for tomorrow. We would like to incentivize them to become the first people to trust us.

$2500 Prize Pool for Genesis Investors:

1st Prize: $500*2 ($500 each to 2 Lucky Winners)
2nd Prize: $200*5 ($200 each to 5 Lucky Winners)
3rd Prize: $50*10 ($50 each to 10 Lucky Winners)

Read the following T&C to understand eligibility criteria.

Terms and Conditions:

  • You need to join the norDL Genesis Investor Waitlist before the platform launch. Join Here.
  • Signup with the same email and Make an investment as follow:
  • Invest a minimum of $100 in total in any one or multiple crypto Index funds
  • Each $100 investment will be considered as 1 Ticket for entry into the Prize Pool.
    (Example: If you invest $500, you’ll get 5 tickets. This will increase your chance of winning when we select random tickets from the participant ticket pool)
  • You can enter the prize pool with Max.10 tickets. However, You can only win one Prize.
  • We’ll conduct a random selection from the Participant Tickets and Select winners 30 days after the launch of the platform.

What are you waiting for?

Check the norDL platform preview and join the waitlist today.

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