NNF | Cool Down: The Crypto Market remained flat

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2 min readDec 12, 2022

The crypto market remained calm and stayed flat in the last week.

This week on NNF (Navigate with Nord Finance),

Let’s dive into the crypto market action and give you an exciting update about norDL.

NNF of the week:

1 Min Market:

The crypto market has cool down after a few weeks of volatility and ended flat. The market is looking ahead to see the bigger picture and find value.

The crypto market has volatile nature and it moves up and down quickly. If you check the last 10 weeks of our NNF, you will realize there were a similar number of up weeks and down weeks of the market. We can’t predict the market mood it has good times and bad times but over the months and years it will keep on creating value for regular and smart investors.

Check out the Market performance:

If you’re looking to invest for the long term then this is a good time to explore and learn the potential of different cryptocurrencies and slowly start building a long-term portfolio.

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norDL Update:

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BTS Scoop of the week:

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