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4 min readDec 22, 2022

Cryptocurrencies have the potential to create wealth for everyone with their novel use cases baked by blockchain technology. The world has seen the ability of cryptocurrencies to create wealth for individuals in the past two years.

Like any other financial assets, Crypto assets are highly volatile and have their bull market and bear market period a.k.a. crypto winter. You can generate sustainable long-term wealth with crypto, If you know how to navigate in both periods. However, if you don’t have blockchain tech knowledge, risk management skills, and time, then you’ll likely lose your capital trading hot & trending crypto.

We’ve built successfully built DeFi products under Nord Finance over the past 2 years. We’ve noticed millions of people believe in the blockchain revolution and want to be part of it by owning next-gen digital assets.

New and Existing crypto investors are looking for a friendly, transparent, and helpful platform that can help them create wealth using crypto investing.

We’re here to help crypto investors navigate their crypto investment journey.

Introducing norDL:
A safe, simple, and effective crypto investment platform

norDL platform changing the way people invest in cryptocurrency by giving them the right investment options, tools, and knowledge. Now you don’t need to make emotional investment decisions. Use norDL to invest carefully created funds and indexes with multiple investment strategies such as DCA (Dollar-cost averaging), Step-up SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), Trigger-SIP, SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan), etc.

Bull or Bear market, our dedicated fund managers design attractive investment products for users to keep investing irrespective of market conditions. In addition, Fund managers follow strict risk-management practices to make sure every fund is well-diversified and hedged to tackle any unexpected market event.

norDL helps you invest slowly, smartly, and peacefully with the following crypto investment options:

Crypto Index: Let the Leaders Lead your investment journey!

Invest in the leaders of the crypto industry with one click. You can invest directly in the following index funds to get the best risk-adjusted return on your investment:

  • BTC | ETH Ratio Index Fund
  • Crypto Bluechip Index Fund
  • Blockchain Fortune Index Fund
  • DeFi Focused Index Fund
  • Metaverse Diverse Index Fund

Crypto Baskets: Make your crypto investment easy!

Invest in professionally curated and managed crypto assets to grow your capital with minimum risk. We handpick fund managers with a proven track record of investing in cryptocurrencies to create and manage Cryptocurrency Baskets.

The Basket’s sole aim is to give investors a very competitive return on investment with low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk Crypto Baskets. Investors will have multiple choices to invest in their favorite crypto market segments.

Crypto Baskets coming soon.

Crypto SIP: Set, Invest, Relax!

Invest regularly in Crypto Baskets/ Indexes with a set amount and stay in the crypto market comfortably.

Crypto SIP is Coming very Soon.

Why invest in crypto on the norDL platform?

Your crypto HODL journey on norDL is safe, simple, and effective.


Your fund safety is our priority. We take the following steps to ensure your fund’s safety:

  • We secure your assets with industry-leading custodial wallet services
  • norDL products are 100% backed by original assets
  • Your funds are available to withdraw at any point in time.
  • You can see the original assets in the monthly platform transparency release and cross-check with on-chain data.
  • We don’t give loans or use users’ funds for interest-generating activities.

Ease of Investing:

Use the norDL Crypto SIP feature to set an amount and automatically invest in cryptos. Coming Soon.


Diversify your portfolio with professionally curated Crypto Baskets and Crypto Index to reduce capital risk and get better returns in the long term.

How to invest on norDL?

Investing on norDL is very simple and quick. Follow these steps to start investing:

  • Visit norDL website.
  • Signup to our platform
  • Complete KYC
  • Deposit your stablecoins from your crypto wallet to norDL’s custodial wallet.
  • Explore available funds on the norDL. Check Fund Strategy and past performance.
  • Once you find the right fund, use your deposited amount to invest in available Crypto Baskets and Crypto Indexes.
  • Redeem units at any time and withdraw your money in your crypto wallet.
  • If you get stuck while using our platform check the FAQs or Contact Us.

norDL Start Invest program

norDL Start Invest program rewards new investors on the norDL platform. In addition, The program gives an opportunity for existing investors to share the platform benefits with their friends. Join today and complete these steps to get your $10 joining bonus. Know More Here

Don’t get tempted by low exchange fees and keep trading your precious capital. Invest slowly, wisely, and peacefully. If history is any example, people who HODL get the best return on investment in the long term.

What are you waiting for? Start investing today with our platform.

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