Will Moonvenber Follow Uptober? | October Solidum- NORD Quant Fund Monthly Report

Nord Advisory aims to provide DeFi investors with a wide range of advisory services at their fingertips to grow their capital. A few months ago, We partnered with Solidum Capital to provide investors with a diversified investment strategy. Solidum Capital’s Quant strategy utilizes a dynamic quantitative hedging mechanism to get the best risk-adjusted returns for investors.

We want to keep investors on our platform updated with the performance of Solidum Capital’s strategy. The experienced fund managers at Solidum capital have released the following October month’s strategy report to help investors gauge their fund performance with Solidum Capital’s quant strategy.

Solidum Capital Management Commentary:

In October, the crypto market exhibited a positive trend, however, with increased volatility. At the start of the month, the crypto market capitalization was just shy of $2 Trillion ($1.92T). It gradually appreciated throughout October and ended the month at $2.6 Trillion, recording a 31.42% increase during the previous month.

Bitcoin started the month at $43.8k, and in the first three weeks, reached its all-time high of $67k, recording a 53% gain. Given its monthly performance, it’s no surprise Bitcoin’s dominance of the market also increased from 42.58% at the start of October to 44% by the end of the month. If Bitcoin surpasses the previous ATH in the coming days, we anticipate a burst in price appreciation (for BTC and Altcoins), followed by a “cooling-off” period.

As mentioned, the market was more volatile in October, especially at the beginning of the month. That is why we started the month hedged in stablecoins (USDC), in order to protect the portfolio from any downside. As the market started to appreciate, we gradually re-invested the assets, and by the end of the month, the portfolio was fully allocated among Bitcoin and Altcoins. The strategy recorded a positive monthly performance of +9.96% in October.

About Solidum Capital

Solidum Capital comprises a team of professionals from the traditional asset industry, management industry, private equity, venture capital and information technology. The team has developed substantial expertise in crypto-asset allocation and investment selection.

About Nord Finance

Nord Finance is an advanced decentralized financial ecosystem designed to simplify DeFi investing by bringing key features of traditional finance to the DeFi ecosystem. NORD Finance is built on Ethereum Network. Multichain interoperability of NORD Finance powers a plethora of financial products, which constitute savings, advisory, loans against assets, investment/funds management, and swaps.
Nord Finance aims to create safe, simple and intuitive DeFi products for investors to achieve their financial goals.


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An Advanced Decentralized Finance Ecosystem

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Nord Finance

Nord Finance

An Advanced Decentralized Finance Ecosystem

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