Tesla Giveaway winner announced!

We want to thank everyone for celebrating the $NORD trading pairs on Kucoin. We love to organize giveaway competitions and rewards for our community. We believe we’re at where we are because of our community’s support and love for Nord Finance products. Keep showing your support, and we’ll bring you more opportunities to celebrate $NORD with your buddies.

The Tesla Model 3 winner is…

The exciting moment is here! Here is how we’ve decided the winner:

The last hash value of the block on KCC before 2021/11/26 13:00 (UTC) is:


Removing the letters from the hash value gives us a string of numbers:


The winning number is: 90281235

Based on the Award Selection Rules, the 5 closest UIDs are 3235****, 5235****, 8235****, 29435***, 3503****.

The UID for the lucky user who will win a brand new Tesla Model 3 (worth 40,000 USDT) is:

3235****, congratulations!

We would like to congratulate 3235**** for winning Tesla Model 3 worth 40,000 USDT.

You can read the winner announcement on Kucoin here.

You can read the details of Kucoin’s winner selection procedure here.

Ongoing Staking program on Kucoin and Pool-X:

You can take part in our new staking program If you’ve missed our trading pair celebration.

$NORD Staking is live on Kucoin and Pool-X.
Stake your $NORD tokens to enjoy a 60% APR.

Read more here: https://bit.ly/NORD-POOL-X

About Nord Finance

Nord Finance is an advanced decentralized financial ecosystem designed to simplify DeFi investing by bringing key features of traditional finance to the DeFi ecosystem. NORD Finance is built on Ethereum Network. Multichain interoperability of NORD Finance powers a plethora of financial products, which constitute savings, advisory, loans against assets, investment/funds management, and swaps.




An Advanced Decentralized Finance Ecosystem

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Nord Finance

Nord Finance

An Advanced Decentralized Finance Ecosystem

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