Nord Staking is Live on Avalanche | Stake now to get 60% APR

  • Stake to get 60% APR rewards.
  • Passive income daily: Rewards can be claimed immediately.
  • Users can reinvest their rewards tokens to increase their APY to ~81%.
  • 12 days Unbound period for unstake — “To Reduced sell pressure”.
  • Users can unstake partially with 12 days unbound period.
  • $NORD BuyBacks: 15% of the NORD Advisory Performance fee will be used to buy back every month.
  • Long term holders who hold for a minimum of two months will be airdropped 15% of performance fees collected.
  • Stakers will be an integral part of NORD governance and will take key decisions in Protocol fees, APYs and other DAO decisions.

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