$NORD NXT Staking Launch:
Stake Longer, Earn Better!

$NORD NXT Staking:

  • Additional Booster tokens will be distributed to respective stakers in the proportion of their staking amount.
  • 100K booster rewards will be distributed once a month for the next 3 months Starting from 15 Aug 2022.
  • Booster rewards will only be distributed to stakers who stake before 15th July 2022, 12:00 PM UTC.
  • If you decide to stake for N months, you’ll only be able to unstake on or after Nth month. (N= Duration of Staking)
  • You can only update the staking duration to the same or higher duration than the existing duration.
  • If you update the staking duration without adding new tokens, the entire staked tokens will reset to the new staking duration.
  • If you stake new tokens, the staking duration for the entire staked tokens (old + new) will be reset to the selected duration while staking.
  • Rewards are earned every second on staked tokens that can be withdrawn or reinvested without any waiting period.
  • Alex can unstake the tokens on or after 1st July 2023.
  • Alex Start earning rewards on the staked amount immediately. He can reinvest or withdraw the rewards earned. [Reinvesting/Claiming Rewards doesn’t reset the staked time period]
  • Alex can update the staking duration to only 1, 2,3,4 years.
  • If Alex updates the duration to 2 years on 1st Jan 2023, he can only unstake on or after 1st Jan 2025.
  • If he selects 1-year duration again, he can only unstake Staked 1500 $NORD on or after 1st Jan 2024.
  • If he selects staking duration as 3 years and adds 500 $NORD, he can only unstake the staked 1500 $NORD on or after 1st Jan 2026.

Current Staking Program Completion:

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