Nord NFT Loans V2 Launch | Are you ready to utilize new features of NFT Loans?

  • Pro-rata bid option
  • Multi-token support for lenders
  • Improved user experience
  • The ERC 1115 compatibility with Nord NFT Loans V2.

Nord NFT Loans V2 key updates:

Pro-rata and Fixed interest bid option for Lenders:

Benefits of Pro-rata interest option:

  • A lender can bid with the Pro-rata option at a higher interest rate. The higher interest rate with the Pro-rata option is also attractive for the borrower. If a Borrower is confident of paying back the amount before the agreed loan period, then the pro-rata bid from a Lender is more attractive to them.

Multi-Token support for lenders:

Erc-1155 compatibility:

UX improvements:

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