Nord Finance ($NORD) announces it’s IDO on leading cross-chain auction protocol PolkaStarter

Please note that this article will be continuously updated as the IDO date reaches closer

We are thrilled to announce that Nord Finance ($NORD) will be hosting its upcoming IDO on leading Cross-Chain auction protocol PolkaStarter on 12th January 2021.

Polkastarter is a permissionless DEX built for cross-chain token pools and auctions, enabling projects to raise capital on a decentralized and interoperable environment.

The $NORD IDO Details

  1. 100,000 $NORD are allocated to the public sale (IDO) at 0.9$.
  2. IDO round is raising 90,000$ worth in ETH.
  3. Initial DEX Offering on Polkastarter will have two pools with 50,000
    $NORD tokens, i.e 45,000$ each.
    Two pools are highlighted as below
    - Community users: Contributions are accepted in ETH only from whitelisted addresses.
    - $POLS holders: This dedicated pool is for Polkastarter community, you need to hold 3000 $POLS token to get access to the pool and contributions are accepted in ETH only.
  4. We will conduct whole whitelisting process for both rounds and only whitelisted address are allowed to participate in IDO.
  5. 350 whitelisted address for each round i.e 700 in total will be chosen from the lottery.
  6. The Max cap for the IDO will be $225 per address.

Detailed whitelisting process for both pools will be announced soon on NORD announcement channel.

Early Adopters interest form will be open for community members on January 3rd 12:00pm UTC at NORD announcement channel.

Speaking about this collaboration Amarnath Reddy, CEO & Co-Founder of Nord Finance said

“Its our pleasure to be an integral part of the innovation that Polkastarter has kickstarted to support fair and transparent fund raising with the absence of gas-wars. We are excited to have Polkastarter as our partner to administer our most awaited IDO”

Seed and Private sale Details

The total supply of Nord Finance is capped at 10,000,000 $NORD.

  • 510,000 $NORD is allocated to seed round investors at 0.45$.
  • 1,590,000 $NORD are allocated to private sale round at 0.63$.

Early-stage seed round and strategic private sale investors tokens are vested for 12 months with 15% token being unlocked on listing and rest with daily distribution from day 31 for the next 11 months.

Initial circulation supply of $NORD token will be 714,761, i.e., 7.147% of total supply, which is 314,761 from early-stage investors.

100,000 from public sale.

Furthermore, 300,000 tokens are allocated for liquidity provision of exchanges; these tokens will be available on exchanges for the sole purpose of the liquidity pool, which means they are locked.

Effective Initial Circulation supply is 414,761 $NORD, i.e., 4.147%.

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