Nord Finance: Monthly Recap September 2021

Product and Technology Update

$NORD Token distribution Update!

Most awaited $NORD Token Burn

NORD Advisory audit by Quill Hash

Nord Advisory is now OPEN for all!

NORD Staking Program is locked with 32% supply !

  • Live on both chains Polygon and Ethereum.
  • Fixed 60% APR (Double the present rewards) & Unlimited Staking.
  • Airdrop of performance fees for long-term stakes.
  • 12days Unbound period for unstake — “Reduced sell pressure”.
  • $NORD BuyBacks: 15% of the NORD Advisory Performance fee will be used to buy back every month.

Partnerships and Ecosystems

$NORD got listed on BitMart

DeFi Trading Marathon on DEXE

Community Updates and Marketing Events

Token Burn Guessing Giveaway

Are you ready for October?

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