Nord Finance: Monthly Recap November 2021

The NORDvember was a great month for us to partner with the best players in the DeFi industry to create a robust foundation of the Nord Finance platform. In NORDvember, We launched, updated, and celebrated Nord Finance’s products.

Let’s dive into everything that happened in November.

Product and Technology Updates

$NORD Token Burn

Nord Finance completed its third successful Token Burn. A total of 300,000 $NORD tokens have been burnt so far, making $NORD more scarce and valuable.

CMI launch with TeraSurge

Nord Finance welcomed new partner TeraSurge in NORD Advisory. Nord Finance and TeraSurge launched a new Decentralized Crypto Major Index Fund (CMI) on Ethereum on November 5th, 2021

Highlights of new Index Fund:

  • CMI is an HTF trend-based index that follows BTC price movements and weighs price movements of other crypto assets linked to BTC’s movements.
  • Offers investors an opportunity to invest in a crypto index to get the best risk-adjusted result.
  • We strongly believe this sets us on the path to make financial management accessible to the masses and make asset management simplified for all.
  • Read More:

Nord Finance partners with UnoRe

We are pleased to announce that Nord Finance partnered with UnoRe to provide our users with a safeguard against unseen smart contract vulnerabilities. UnoRe will provide a Protocol Cover for Nord Finance single-sided staking pool, USDC, USDT, and DAI staking pool on the Ethereum and Polygon Networks.

We announced the active cover of $500,000 in the first part of November. We have confidence that our product will have an excellent adoption soon. With that view, At the end of November, We increased our active cover with UnoRe to $1,500,000 to create better confidence among our platform users.

Check out the details:

Security audit from Certik

We strive for the robust security of our platform. To achieve our security goal, CertiK will audit Nord Advisory contracts (Ethereum / Polygon) with their industry-leading auditing methodology. The audit result will be out soon.

Safer platform, Better adoption!

Chainlink Integration

Nord Finance Integrated Chainlink Price Feeds into its Multi-Chain Advisory Product. Chainlink’s price data will provide Nord Advisory with the accuracy and reliability of asset prices.

Read more:

Partnerships and Ecosystems Updates:

NORD/ DFYN Dual Farming Pool Extension

NORD-DFYN LP Staking was extended to users to provide liquidity and stake LP Tokens and earn dual token 350 DFYN + 100 NORD per day rewards. The pool has started from 9th November for a 1-month duration.

Launch of Nord BTC trading pair

We have added the NORD/BTC Trading Pair on Kucoin. The new addition will open up the opportunity for everyone to trade NORD/BTC pairs.

Read Here:

Biggest Giveaway for NORD trading pairs celebration on Kucoin

We launched one of the biggest trading celebrations on Kucoin. The celebration had a brand new Tesla Model 3, and a Prize pool worth $10000 in NORD for Net holding competition winners. Crypto communities around the world took part in the competition to celebrate the NORD trading pairs on KuCoin. The lucky winners of the giveaway will be announced soon.

Solidum- NORD Quant Fund update

Solidum-NORD Quant Fund announced their October monthly report. The experienced fund managers at Solidum capital released the October month’s fund report to help investors gauge their fund performance with Solidum Capital’s quant strategy. The November month report will be announced in a few days.

Read Detailed report:

Community Interactions:

AMAs with our partners:

AMA is a great way to know our partners. We conducted AMA with our partners Safle and UnoRe. During Safle AMA, The team Safle discussed Saflewallet, SAFLE wallet ecosystem, and their future plan and answered the community’s questions. During UnoRe AMA, The team UnoRe discussed UnoRe, a decentralized insurance & reinsurance risk trading platform. Further, They discussed Nord Finance and UnoRe partnership, UnoRe COHORT, and answered the community’s questions. Both the AMA had giveaways for the community to appreciate their interest in AMA.

We will conduct more such AMAs with our partners and other best minds in the DeFi ecosystem in the future.

Youtube Outreach:

We approached some of the best YT channels of Crypto and DeFi across the globe and asked them to review the Nord Finance platform. We were able to reach Crypto and DeFi communities in the USA, UK, Russia, Egypt, Spain, and Turkey with the help of some of the best YT channels in each region. This is just the beginning of our effort to reach Crypto and Defi communities across the globe.

Here is the list of YT videos If you’ve missed any of them:

*Click on a link to watch the video

A Message for Nord Vikings Community:

The Holiday season is here!

We are entering in December with enthusiasm to give our community many reasons to celebrate Nord Finance. We will release amazing products and announcements this month to make your holidays even more joyful.

We are truly grateful for the Nord Vikings Community to believe in us. Remember, every day our team is working towards making Nord Finance the best DeFi platform. We’re not here to become a small name in the DeFi space. We’re here to concur DeFi industry. Keep your faith in us. We’ll together achieve our common goal to become the biggest and best player in the DeFi space.

About Nord Finance

Nord Finance is an advanced decentralized financial ecosystem designed to simplify DeFi investing by bringing key features of traditional finance to the DeFi ecosystem. NORD Finance is built on Ethereum Network. Multichain interoperability of NORD Finance powers a plethora of financial products, which constitute savings, advisory, loans against assets, investment/funds management, and swaps.




An Advanced Decentralized Finance Ecosystem

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Nord Finance

Nord Finance

An Advanced Decentralized Finance Ecosystem

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