Nord Finance: Monthly Recap November 2021

Product and Technology Updates

$NORD Token Burn

CMI launch with TeraSurge

  • CMI is an HTF trend-based index that follows BTC price movements and weighs price movements of other crypto assets linked to BTC’s movements.
  • Offers investors an opportunity to invest in a crypto index to get the best risk-adjusted result.
  • We strongly believe this sets us on the path to make financial management accessible to the masses and make asset management simplified for all.
  • Read More:

Nord Finance partners with UnoRe

Security audit from Certik

Chainlink Integration

Partnerships and Ecosystems Updates:

NORD/ DFYN Dual Farming Pool Extension

Launch of Nord BTC trading pair

Biggest Giveaway for NORD trading pairs celebration on Kucoin

Solidum- NORD Quant Fund update

Community Interactions:

AMAs with our partners:

Youtube Outreach:

A Message for Nord Vikings Community:

About Nord Finance



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