Nord Finance: Monthly recap March 2021

  • Nord Finance x Binance Smart Chain Integration
  • Nord Savings (V2) Protocol x Zokyo
  • Nord Finance x BSC Community Beta Testing program
  • Nord Finance is live on ChainSwap by Antimatter.
  • $NORD liquidity pool reward program on PancakeSwap
  • AAVE Is Now Enabled On Nord Savings Yield Farming Strategies!
  • Nord Finance enters into a strategic partnership with Elrond
  • Nord Finance announces strategic partnership with L2 Polygon
  • Nord finance listed on ChainSwap
  • Nord Finance listed on PancakeSwap

Community Updates and Marketing Events

  • Nord Finance x Crypto Daku
  • Nord Finance x Elrond Network
  • Nord finance featured on BSC News
  • Nord Finance x ShinChan
  • Nord Finance featured by IvanOnTech.

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