Nord Finance: Monthly Recap June 2021

Product and Technology Updates

Nord Savings V2 Community Beta Testing Program

Update on Nord Finance Token Transparency

Nord Finance website redesign

Nord Savings V2 launch on Polygon

Nord Savings audit by Quill Hash

NORD-DFYN Staking went live

Partnerships and Ecosystem

$NORD gets listed on KuCoins

$NORD was trending on CoinGecko

Extension of NORD-BUSD LP V2 Staking Program

Nord Advisory partners with Solidum Capital

Extension of $NORD Tokens on BSC

Community Updates and Marketing Events

Nord Vikings Ambassador Program

  • Creating viral content to drive an increased level of engagement.
  • Building global communities across all demographics.
  • Testing the features of our upcoming products.
  • Collaborating with KOLs across various channels.
  • Actively involved in translating articles and social media posts.

Nord Finance Online Carnival — Celebrating KuCoins Listing

  • Net Buying Competition: 4,500 NORD
  • Holding Competition: 2,700 NORD
  • Participation Rewards: 1,000 NORD

“Visual Guide” — A community video-making competition.

  1. Nord Savings V2 on Polygon.
  2. Nord BSC staking.
  3. Transfer Nord token between ERC/BEP/Polygon with exchanges and wallets.

Nord Finance Weekly Quiz Contest

  1. The prize would be credited to 1 winner chosen at random.
  2. The prize would be credited to the winner’s wallet within one week of the contest ending.
  3. Participants and Winners must be part of Our Official Social Media Links.

July, we are just getting started!

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