Nord Finance: Monthly Recap December 2021

Nord Finance
4 min readJan 3, 2022

In December, We launched our two key products on Avalanche and partnered with the best players in the blockchain industry to create a robust foundation of the Nord Finance platform for the year 2022.

We are releasing this report to help investors gauge our progress.

Product and Technology Update

$NORD Token Burn

Nord Finance completed its Fourth successful Token Burn. A total of 400,000 $NORD tokens have been burnt so far, making $NORD more scarce and valuable.

Nord Finance Avalanche Integration:

We believe the platform that can master the art of providing their products to multiple blockchains will win the investor’s heart. The multichain availability of products will help investors take advantage of each blockchain to get the best return on their investment.

Nord Finance products have become Faster, Low cost and Eco-Friendly with Avalanche Blockchain Integration. We’re glad to launch our first two products Nord Savings and Nord Staking on Avalanche in December.

Nord Savings:

We’ve launched Nord Savings on Avalanche. Nord Finance is set to become Faster, Low cost and Eco-Friendly with Avalanche Blockchain Integration

Invest in Nord Savings to earn up to 32.1% APY.

Read more about Nord Savings on Avalanche.

Nord Staking:

After a successful staking program on Polygon and Ethereum, we’ve launched Nord Staking on the new blockchain. We are pleased to announce a Nord Staking launch on Avalanche.

Key Features:

  • 60% APR & Unlimited Staking
  • Airdrop of performance fees for longterm stakers
  • 12 days Unbound period for Unstaking

Read the details about Nord Staking on Avalanche.

Partnerships and Ecosystems

Nord Finance partners with AcknoLedger

Nord Finance announced the partnership with AcknoLedger. We’ve partnered with AcknoLedger to track NFTs across gaming, metaverse, and various NFT marketplaces. Acknowledger’s indexing of the NFTs will help Nord Finance track NFTs. We will use the NFT indexing provided by AcknoLedger to track NFTs and their accurate prices to effectively facilitate the P2P loan.

Read more about Nord Finance-AcknoLedger partnership.

NORD/ DFYN Dual Farming Pool Extension

NORD-DFYN LP Staking was extended to users to provide liquidity and stake LP Tokens and earn dual token 350 DFYN + 50 NORD per day rewards. The pool has started from 9th November for a 1-month duration.

$NORD Staking on KuCoin:

NORD x Pool-X 60 Days staking was launched on the Kucoin and Pool-X. We’ve achieved almost 100% staking in the first 20 days. The staking quota for the Kucoing & Pool-X promotion was 300,000 $NORD. We’re amazed by the staking success in a short period. We believe this is an indication of investors’ confidence in Nord Finance.

Stake your $NORD tokens to enjoy a 60% APR.

Read rules Here.

$NORD Listing on AnySwap Network:

$NORD token is now available on AnySwap Network. You can send your token from Ethereum and Polygon blockchain to Avalanche blockchain with AnySwap bridge. Take advantage of our products on Avalanche.

AnySwap Router

Community Interactions:

AMA with Chainlink:

We celebrated our new Chainlink Price Feed integration to Nord Advisory with an AMA. We enjoyed chatting with Andy Boyan from Chainlink. We discussed many topics and answered community questions.

You can read the detailed discussion Here.

Nord Finance TownHall meeting:

We enjoyed chatting with the Nord Finance Community at a Townhall Meeting on telegram. The meeting was our first step towards engaging with the community closely to help everyone get a clear idea of Nord Finance’s progress and future plans.

Read Key Takeaways Here.

Watch the Recording Here.

A Message for Nord Vikings Community:

Our First Anniversary is here!

We are entering in January with enthusiasm to give our community many reasons to celebrate Nord Finance. We will release amazing products and announcements this month to celebrate our first Anniversary.

We are truly grateful for the Nord Vikings Community to believe in us. Your support is a strength for our team to keep working round the clock to bring the best product experience for you. Our new product launches in 2022 will set us on a path to achieving our goal to become the best player in the DeFi industry. Keep your faith in us. We’ll together achieve our common goal to become the biggest and best player in the DeFi space.

About Nord Finance

Nord Finance is an advanced decentralized financial ecosystem designed to simplify Defi investing by bringing key features of traditional finance to the DeFi ecosystem.

Nord Finance is built on Ethereum Network. Multichain interoperability of Nord Finance powers a plethora of financial primitives, which constitute savings, advisory, loans against crypto assets, Investment and Fund management.

Nord Finance is creating new ways for everyone to generate wealth with Blockchain Technology.

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