Nord Finance and TeraSurge to launch a new Decentralized Crypto Major Index Fund (CMI)

Nord Finance
3 min readNov 2, 2021

Nord Finance is partnering with TeraSurge to launch a large-cap focused Decentralized Index fund called Crypto Major Index(CMI) on Ethereum. Decentralized finance is competing with conventional crypto trading protocols to empower investors to leverage the ultimate potential of virtual assets. The inevitable future created through evolving DeFi protocols is creating a new paradigm to give everyone power to leverage the DeFi ecosystem to achieve their financial goals.

Crypto Major Index (CMI) Investment Thesis :

CMI is an HTF trend-based index that follows BTC price movements and weighs price movements of other crypto assets linked to BTC’s movements. CMI’s strategy is optimised to maximize the ROI of its investors upon that inter token volatility. CMI is a passively managed index that will be rebalanced every quarter based on crypto market trends.

A trend continuation in BTC is expected in the coming months. This increases the probability of Large cap Altcoins, including ETH, to consolidate in comparison to BTC. Also, whenever such a trend is observed in the market, High-value sectors in terms of user activity and revenue, e.g DeFi, are likely to outperform both BTC and their respective Layer 1.

Overall, The CMI will be rebalanced according to market conditions to leverage the volatility to generate excellent risk-adjusted returns.

A Glimpse at Crypto Major Index (CMI)

The Crypto Major Index will consist of the following assets:

BTC: 80%

ETH: 5%

Doge: 5%

MATIC: 2.5%

Aave: 2.5%

CRV: 2.5%

UNI: 2.5%

Moving ahead, the index will be rebalanced as per the market condition or once every three months. Furthermore, a 15% fee will be charged from the overall investment gains from the users with zero fund management fee.

CMI offers investors an opportunity to invest in a crypto index to get the best risk-adjusted result.

Decentralized Index Fund — A headstart to the imminent future

The surge of passive index funds has been a seismic shift in financial services over the past decade. In the near future, Nord Finance will work closely with TeraSurge on a more robust growth trajectory on the Crypto Major Index, followed by other indexes with diverse risk profiles to suit the requirements of a much larger audience

This index will also have an integral structural advantage for the Investors regarding liquidity. Besides this, deploying smart contracts to execute rebalancing, custody, minting, and redemption gives this decentralized index a significant cost advantage. In addition, the initial purchasing process is much easier and more efficient. Yet, the composable type of CMI also gives its users the utility within the more comprehensive DeFi ecosystem.

About TeraSurge

TeraSurge is a standard Crypto Hedge fund and Web 3.0 driven enterprise fund that provides extraordinary returns for the most advanced global institutional investors. The enthusiastic pursuit causes the research cycle Of TeraSurge to see how the world’s digital currency market and other monetary business sectors work — utilizing state-of-the-art innovation to approve and execute the centre systems.

About Nord Finance

Nord Finance, a blockchain agnostic platform, is a next-level decentralized finance ecosystem directed at simplifying the concept of decentralized money for its clients by featuring conventional money’s key components. The NORD Finance is built on Ethereum Network. Multichain interoperability of NORD Finance powers a plethora of financial primitives, which constitute savings, advisory, loans against assets, investment/funds management, and swaps.


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