Nord Finance amalgamates synergies with leading DeFi protocol Unilend to simplify DeFi investments

Nord Finance
3 min readJan 11, 2021


The previous year was a rollercoaster ride for Nord Finance as we incepted our idea into reality. With the onset of 2021, we at Nord Finance are striving towards unfolding meaningful and valuable collaborations that align with our vision of powering decentralized finance. Today, we are thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with the latest game-changer in the DeFi space. Unilend Finance and Nord Finance are working towards uniting forces to revolutionize the DeFi space exploring various avenues to sparkle the ongoing DeFi adoption.

With the latest partnership with Unilend, Nord Finance aims to reshape the existing DeFi ecosystem with next-gen innovation and technological solutions bringing the community one step closer to a decentralized future. Certainly, with the seamless integration of DeFi innovators, it will be a treat for the community to experience a new adoption wave.

Ameliorating the DeFi markets with diversified solutions

The partnership with Unilend pioneers to showcase the potential of DeFi not limited to DeFi investments but as an ecosystem as a whole. The integration of Unilend Finance into Nord’s Advisory portion will facilitate in solidifying the technological stack, thus bringing goal-oriented diversified portfolio management services a reality. The blend of Unilend Finance in Nord’s ecosystem will help leverage customized robo-advisory services to the maximum potential.

The current partnership will allow DeFi enthusiasts to experiment with various investment strategies seamlessly. The conjunction of two innovative forces will strive towards increasing the overall utility of the platforms. The partnership seeks to access better trade opportunities with the ongoing market volatility in the DeFi landscape. However, our relationship with Unilend will not be limited to this as we will scout more opportunities to impart value to the community. This partnership is a validation that projects with aligned visions can lay building blocks for DeFi as the sector matures.

About Nord Finance

Nord Finance, a blockchain agnostic platform, is an advanced decentralized financial ecosystem that focuses on simplifying decentralized finance products for users by highlighting traditional finance’s key attributes. Deployed on the Ethereum Network, it integrates multi-chain interoperability, thus proposing a plethora of financial primitives, which constitute savings, advisory, loans against assets, investment/funds management, and swaps.

At Nord Finance, we are building a one-stop advanced decentralized financial ecosystem to serve the rising needs targeting novice users and professionals to meet their financial goals.

About Unilend

With the growing DeFi market, expansion of the prevalent infrastructure requires immense efforts in building solutions that are comprehensive in nature. The fledgling DeFi industry, although had various mechanisms related to trading, borrowing, and lending, it yet experienced a vacuum. There was a dire need to amalgamate these services under one ceiling to provide users with ease of functioning and enhanced user experience. Therefore, Unilend was designed. We deeply admire Unilend’s ongoing efforts to cushion the vacuum, enhancing the utility of ERC 20 tokens as lending and borrowing collaterals, along with the flexibility of trading as virtual digital assets. The permissionless protocol has unleashed the potential of DeFi in its true sense.

We will continue to bring exciting and valuable collaborations to drive our community’s confidence whilst shaping the future’s decentralized ecosystem. We have just started, and there are greater milestones to achieve.

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