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3 min readSep 24, 2020


(slick — /slɪk/ adjective: done or operating in an impressively smooth and efficient way)

We are pleased to announce Slick.Finance — an advanced stable-coin based yield-farming protocol. Slick.Finance is designed to deliver the highest possible risk-adjusted returns on investments through multi-chain yield-farming. Our smart contract, with interoperability features, delivers the highest APY by dynamically re-routing investments to high yield liquidity pools. Slick’s Connect & Stake process provides an easy-to-access gateway to the complex and dynamic world of De-Fi based Yield-Farming. The efficient transaction management system of our protocol aims to deliver near-zero transaction fees and a seamless user experience.

Why Do I Need Slick.Finance?

Well… here is a short history of what has happened in De-Fi over recent times.

Stage 1 — The Liquidity-Yield Paradigm: Ahh, simpler times when all that one had to do was to find a platform offering the best yield (and there were so few of them).

Stage 2 — Farmer Saturation: With more users entering a high yield pool, the yield would drop. This meant savvy investors have hopped from one pool to the other searching for the best yield (with miners making millions in mining fees alone). However, the average investors have been left behind.

Stage 3 — The Impermanent Loss Conundrum: In Automated Market Maker(AMM) pools price fluctuations in the underlying currency lead to a loss for liquidity providers vis-a-vis simply holding the tokens in a wallet — To HODL or To Provide Liquidity ? That is the question!

Stage 4 — The Governance Tokens Conjecture: As if the complexity of fluctuating yields & high fees are not enough several platforms launched their own governance tokens ! This has added an additional variable to the ROI (Rate Of Interest )calculations making the process even more complex for the average investor.

Stage 5 — The Chaotic Excitation: While the savvy investors have developed their yield-farming strategies, the average investors have found it hard to keep up. Imagine investing in a pool for the high returns, paying 40–50 USD in fees only to realize that the yield has dropped — Bummer!

Stage 6 — The Future Formulation — Slick.Finance: The core concept of providing liquidity to earn returns is the backbone of FINANCE (not just De-Fi but all finance) and thus, it is here to stay. However, the current system needs to be made simpler, faster and cheaper ! In a nutshell, it needs to be more accessible.

Slick.Finance = Efficiency

We are building the most efficient and user-friendly avatar of De-Fi investing. A solution aimed at maximizing portfolio returns across the De-Fi ecosystem with just a few clicks. At Slick.Finance we are building a platform which offers:-

Highest Returns: Automated portfolio re-balancing across liquidity pools with the highest & risk adjusted APY.

Zero-Cost Transactions: No upfront network fee for deposits, the smart contract absorbs the gas fee which is adjusted in the final APY

Interoperability: Interoperability across multiple chains seeking the best possible yields beyond the Ethereum Network.

No Impermanent Loss: Stable-coin based system mitigates the risk of base currency fluctuations.

Just Connect & Stake — Enjoy a hassle-free experience with an intuitive UI offering one-click access to De-Fi Yield Farming

Peace of mind — Non-custodial audited smart contract with instant withdrawals at your fingertips.


  1. Yield Farming used to be simple with High APYs, eventually becoming more complex with an increasing number of pools, governance tokens and high gas fees.
  2. In its current state, yield farming is too complex for the average investor. It’s a full time job! Investments are hard to track with high gas fees and fluctuating returns.
  3. Slick.Finance makes high-yield farming easy while making transactions efficient with the aim of delivering what cryptocurrencies were meant to do — Give the power back to the average investor.

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