Nord Finance and DeFi

In December, We launched our two key products on Avalanche and partnered with the best players in the blockchain industry to create a robust foundation of the Nord Finance platform for the year 2022.

We are releasing this report to help investors gauge our progress.

Product and Technology Update

$NORD Token Burn

Yesterday, We enjoyed chatting with the Nord Finance Community at a Townhall Meeting on telegram. The meeting was our first step towards engaging with the community closely to help everyone get a clear idea of Nord Finance’s progress and future plans.

We discussed Nord Finance’s plan for Jan 2022 and…

Yesterday, We enjoyed chatting with Andy Boyan from Chainlink. We discussed many topics and answered some community questions. Don’t worry. If you’ve missed the AMA, we have compiled a list of topics Nord Finance CEO Amarnath Reddy discussed in Chainlink AMA.

Talked about regulation in India:

Nord Finance

An Advanced Decentralized Finance Ecosystem

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